Date: 10 January 2018

Venue: Athena Dynamics, Singapore

Athena Dynamics Enters into Strategic Partnership with REDCON Security Advisors to Strengthen its “gha” Offerings in Critical Info-Infrastructure (CII) Cyber Security Protection

Strategic partnership formed under the service branding of “Good Hackers Alliance” (“gha”) to offer in-depth and practical cyber security training and advisory for Industry Control Systems (ICS)


Based in Singapore, a major regional hub for businesses operating in Asia, Athena Dynamics focuses on IT & OT cyber security (SecOps) and enterprise IT operation (ITOps) management solutions. “This partnership is highly strategic to both parties in fulfilment of an imminent need to address the fast-emerging cyber threats in ICS effectively, but also holistically. We are very committed to the success of this partnership with Athena Dynamics as a gha alliance partner” said Thomas Quek, Managing Director, REDCON Security Advisors LLP.

“This is a timely and strategic partnership in response to the global deficiency in cyber security strategies especially when the threat vectors today are not just highly sophisticated in depth, but also has been rapidly expanding in breath from attacking enterprise IT systems to Operational Technologies (OT) and SCADA platforms in Industrial Control Systems. Today, a holistic approach in addressing the common gaps in People, Process, Technology is becoming urgently critical. This partnership would benefit enterprises with need to address IT and OT cyber security issues holistically and practically.”, said Ken Soh, CEO of Athena Dynamics.

Both companies will address industry needs in Industry Control Systems security under the service branding of “Good Hackers Alliance” (“gha”). Since the inception of gha in 2015, numerous CII operators have been benefited by its hand-picked specialists with world class credentials and real experiences in state-level cyber defence activities. gha prides its ability to uncover serious vulnerabilities in both IT and OT environments where years of cyber audits by reputable houses typically failed to discover.

Website: goodhackeralliance